Custom backend data source not showing up in the dropdown

I created a new backend data source plugin for Trino. It’s working fine, but there’s one issue I can’t figure out. No data sources of this type show up in the dropdown when creating new panels or in the explore window, unless I go there from the data source directly (so the type is in the URL). I can also import a dashboard that’s pointing to this data source.

I ran out of ideas on how to debug this kind of issue.

Originally reported here: no datasource show up · Issue #45 · starburstdata/grafana-trino · GitHub

what version of grafana? and how did you install this plugin and do you see it in the plugin folder?

C:\Program Files\grafana-.8.5.3\data\plugins

and what do you see in your logs?

It’s Grafana 8.5.1. The plugin works, as I mentioned. It just doesn’t show up on the list of data sources. There are no errors in either server logs or in the browser.

31 maja 2022 18:32, “Yosi via Grafana Labs Community Forums” <>:

and how did you install this plugin and do you see it in the plugin folder?

I installed it by extracting it into the plugins folder and configured the data source using provisioning.

31 maja 2022 20:09, “Yosi via Grafana Labs Community Forums” <>:

I’m having the same exact issue as mentioned by @nineinchnick . Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi there,
I took a look at the plugin.json and noticed it has metrics: false. This Datasource dropdown looks like it filters based on this property. If you set it to true, rebuild your plugin and restart the grafana server does it appear in the dropdown options?

That was it, thank you so much!