Current value and Total value on graph

Hello everyone! I have a graph panel calculation electrical consumed by active power value with intergal()
If my “Min time interval” is 1h and time range is: “from now-1h/h to now-1h/h” (i want to calculation electrical consumed in last hour), the Current value is equal to the Total value
But, if If my “Min time interval” is 1M time range is: “from now-1M/M to now-1M/M” (i want to calculation electrical consumed in last month), the Current value is not equal to the Total value:
anybody can help me? sorry for my English.
this is my graph panel: (sorry, new user’s post can not have more 2 picture )

You can inspect the data in the Query Inspector when you edit the panel. The current value is the latest value - the data point furthest to the right. The total is the total of all the data points.

What does your query look like? If you are summing everything in your query then the current value is the one you want to use, if you are not summing everything then Grafana can do it for you - which is the total.

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