Calculation of total power consumption

I’m new to Grafana. I have made a graph panel showing the power consumption and production of my house. I get the data from my solar inverter. Almost everything seems to be working fine, except for the total numbers.

The “total” value for “Gesamtverbrauch” (total consumption) should be about 13 kWh, not 788 kW. Is there a way to make the panel calculate the kWh based on the kW? If not, is there a way that the “total” value for that data series can come from a different “source”? I do get those values from the solar inverter as well, I would just have to have that show in the total column instead of the data that Grafana seems to be calculating.

This is how the metric is set up:



You can create an additional query to define total kWh and place that result on the 2nd y axes. Or use a singlestat panel