Current schema version and schema upgrades

Hi team. I was looking into the configuration of current schema on

As of grafana 2.5.0 schema is changed to v12 which is not reflected in the documentation would be nice to create an upgrade in the docs.

At the same time I’m curious, since our deployment is very recent, how to handle schema upgrades in the future. What components need to be upgraded in what order in case a new schema version is introduced by loki?

Should I upgrade the and configure loki with the new schema version first or the promtails?
Is it required to upgrade all promtails at the same time or are they backward / forward compatible.
e.g. can an older promtail (aware of e.g. schema v11) ingest logs to a newer loki, which has schema v12 defined for their tables?

How to make sure there are no logs lost on new releases and schema upgrades? I was trying to find information about this topic with no luck.

Much appreciated,

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