Current GPG key import issues

If you were trying to update Grafana but encountered errors importing the GPG key here is why:

The GPG key which is used to sign the APT repository (fingerprint 4E40DDF6D76E284A4A6780E48C8C34C524098CB6) was rotated on 2023-01-12 and replaced with a new key with fingerprint 0E22EB88E39E12277A7760AE9E439B102CF3C0C6.

If you enabled the repository before that, you will see errors when running apt update.

To fix this, re-run the commands that you will find here to fetch the new key. See the following blog post for more information.

Note that the new key is also available along with the revocation certificate for the old key at and

Who is affected:

Who is not affected:

  • Users who have installed Grafana via their OS package repository
  • Users who have installed Grafana via a Docker image
  • Grafana Cloud / Hosted users

If you are affected, you should follow the commands in this link to remove the impacted GPG key from your keyrings and install our new key.

Tracking this issue

Here are two issues you can check for reference.

Can’t import GPG key with gpg/rpm It also contains comments from Rocky Linux, Ubuntu, Raspberry pi, users.

Check this issue if you get the NO_PUBKEY 9E439B102CF3C0C6 error even when you have followed the linked commands above.

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