Creatng Heartbeat Traffic lights

Hi - I have elasticsearch set up on one server and a second for kibana/grafana that will also do heartbeats to all of the domain controllers.

I have set up an index patterm called heartbeat and based on that I can display within the discover tab of Kibana all of the domain controllers and their status (up - true/false). This is all working fine and dandy. Is there a way I can set up a traffic light system within Grafana to show the status of the CDs - ie like red or green depending on status? It could be as simple as a horizontal bar chart with hostnames on the y axis and a solid red or green bar for the status in the x axis.


You can use the table panel to achieve this. It’s possible that you can find a panel plugin here which suits you better and/or you can build your own.


This isn’t published yet but will be soon:

Also, this might be of interest: