Creating sankey diagram with influxdb data in grafana

HIi everyone,

I am new to use this environment. I want to create sankey diagram for energy produced and consumed from sensors data stored at influxdb. I am not able to configure the data for sankey panel in grafana. Does anyone has any example how can we import the data for sankey from influxdb? I want to know how we can group data in 2 groups to create sankey diagram.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your time and help.

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Parth Rajnikant Suhagiya

@parthrsuhagiya, You can try to use transformation to join data in multiple queries (groups) for the Sankey panel.

Alternatively, take a look at the Apache ECharts, which support the Sankey diagram and require basic javascript knowledge to prepare data in a proper format.

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Hii @mikhailvolkov ,

I tried the join by the field transformation and it helps to see the Sankey diagram. But it only groups data by time. I want to group it in source and target. You can refer the screenshot attached below. I want the source as value 611,616,894. and the target value as 87,88,89,915. Now it will take all the columns as source and target. How can i convert this table as I wanted? I already tried series to rows transformation , but it doesn’t work for me. Do you know the way to solve this?

Best regards,
Parth Suhagiya