Creating power load diagram with previous time

I’m trying to create a power consumption load diagram (every 15minutes for power (kW) and every 1hour for energy consumption (kWh) )
So, I’m supposed to have the mean value from previous 15minutes/1hour values, but instead I’m getting the mean value from the 15minutes/1hour forward (ex. at 9AM I have mean value from 9AM to 10AM instead of the mean value from 8AM to 9AM).
Can you help me solve this issue?grafico


I tried to made the same as you and seems to work:

Red → RAW data
Blue → Mean data

  • First tried to made a 30s mean

  • Then tried to made a 15m mean and see the data gap at the end of data. It seems work


If you check for example your 18h45 value, you’re getting the mean between 18h45 and 19h00.
The issue here is that in Portugal (if not worldwide), the provider does the mean between 18h30 and 18h45 for the 18h45 value (and it makes every sense if you think that at 18h45 the 19h doesnt happened yet!)