Creating grafana exe file

I cloned grafana code from the Github repository and after installing all the packages am successfully able to run client and server in my development environment.

Now i want to create an .exe of my application so that I can install it on other machines. i tried running the commands build, packages:build, packages:prepare, packages:publish everything, but i couldnt find the exe file anywhere

please help how can i create a production build/package?

Thank you


Maybe you gcc compiler, check this issue on GitHub :

Hope it helps.

Good Luck

am able to run all the commands…and everything runs successfully. Am not getting any error but the issue is where can i find the generated exe file?

yes you can uns the command find and then pipe to a filter .exe

can anybody provide step by step commands to create GRAFANA .EXE file?

but you say you have it and just cant find the result; please be more precise