Creating a LogsReceiver in Promtail for Loki

Hi, I am new to Loki and currently want to configure an “azure_event_hubs” source for a Loki Microservices deployment.

I am not sure how the LogsReceiver needed for the “forward_to” attribute gets configured.

Is there a Promtail configuration yaml I can refer to?

Thanks a lot!

I think I found out why I did not need the forward_to / logReceivers. I will add a detailed comment/answer how I configured it

So the configuration looks like below.

As long as no Grafana flow is needed, the forward_to attribute is not needed either.

job_name: azure_event_hubs
  connection_string: connection-string
  event_hubs: eh-name
    job: azure_event_hub
  - action: replace
      - __azure_event_hubs_category
    target_label: category