Creating a bar chart from a daily-resetting counter

I have a Prometheus data source which has a value which resets daily. That means: If i display the value as a Time Series, it shows up as a sawtooth line. The PromQL query is currently just a hass_energy_wh{entity=""}

I want to create a bar chart, categorized by day, showing each day’s max value. I havent created any bar charts yet, so i am running into some problems. I understand that the bar chart needs some kind of annotation to the prometheus metric, so it can categorize the values. Unfortunately the metrics do not provide such, the only way of categorizing i currently have is the time point of the metrics.

I could need some help with how to proceed from here, since i am unsure which graph type i should use (bar chart? bar gauge? histogram?) and how i can resemble the daily reset characteristic as a way of categorizing with PromQL and/or grafana’s settings.