Create influx alert with 2 values

I’m trying to create an alert in v 10
I have a bucket with fields alarm_status and alarm_text data is stored in an influx database .

I also have various tags which I can pass to the alert using ,serialnumber::tag these work perfectly.

The query covers up to 50 devices and returns there sn in the alarms as this is stored as a tag as it’s value does not change .

Annoyingly alarm_data::field yields no results when used in same way to a tag

What I can’t do is do find a way to get the value of alarm_text to display in the alert .

The alert fires when alarm_status goes above one
Via a reduce and then a condition

Any ideas if this is possible ?

last(“Alarm_LED”) AS “AA”
, last(“Alarm_Text”) AS “AB”
FROM “Generator”
WHERE (“location”::tag = ‘25456’)
AND $timeFilter
GROUP BY time($__interval)