Create alert templates

Hello everyone.
I want to make notification templates.
How to achieve a situation so that during the next installation of Grafana all the necessary Alerts and Labels are automatically created in Grafana?
Amazon Linux 2
Grafana 9.2.2
Influxdb 2.0.9

Thanks in advance.

@dmitriyshimanel Welcome to the Grafana forum.

Do you have any alerts set up and working on your current install of Grafana (v9.2.2)? If yes, everything will carry forward when you upgrade to the (eventual) next version of Grafana.

If you are current running some older version of Grafana (v?), do you have alerts working?

I must have explained my situation incorrectly.
Grafana 9.2.2 works with created alerts. I need to run exactly the same Grafana with notifications in a docker container on any other host. Do this without manually creating alerts.

So you are planning to install Grafana in a docker container, and you want to migrate all of your existing alerts and their templates to the Grafana version running in docker?

Yes, you understood me correctly.

There does not appear to be an official way to do this, but there are some workarounds mentioned at the end of this thread: NGalert / Grafana 8 alert feature: How to export / import alerts as yml/json? - #34 by dselena

Thanks for the suggested option.