Alarmierung per yaml

Since we upgraded our Grafana to the latest version (from 6.x to 8.5.2) our alerting no longer works. We have seen that the complete alerting has been changed.
Since we have the Grafana running in k8s we need an option to realize this alerting via yaml file. Until now the whole thing worked by having a notifiers.yaml in the StorageAccount.
How can we set up the new system accordingly? Are there also corresponding files that we have to create?

Additional question: Is there a migration option to transfer our previous alarms to the new system?

Try upgrading to Grafana 9+. The system will attempt to migrate the alerts, but:

the new system is completely different from legacy alerting. Alerts are no longer tied to dashboards. Your best bet is to upgrade to 9, try to migrate, and then manually re-write your alarms using the new unified alerting platform: