Alert configuration with file


I would like to configure the alert system using file all the documentation i found his for to do it manualy with the interface.
Someone have an example or can point me the correct documentation ?



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Can you confirm: are you using the new Unified Alerting platform or the legacy platform?

@mattabrams thanks for the welcom

Yes I used the new unified alert platform (but i was using the legacy before for my alert system) but since a crash of our influxdb 1.8 db we try to upgrade it in the same time as grafana to use newer version

While waiting for an answer i continue with configure the notification channel manualy but as the alert system change my old alert who where added whith my generated dashboard is not here anymore and i did not find yet how i can generate with the dashboard can you help me ?



I would like to know more about the original question: Is it possible to set up the alerting through a configuration file? I am looking at the Unified Alerting platform as well. I saw that on the admin tab there is a default Alerting configuration. Unfortunately it only contains options for notification policies and contact roles. Can I manage all the alerting configuration (alert rules as well) from here?

On the legacy alert configuration we have set up the notification channels according to this documentation: Provisioning | Grafana Labs
and the alerts were a part of the dashboard configuration which is also possible to backup as a JSON file.

I am wondering how can I reach the same with the new Unified Alerting platform?
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i have same problem… with grafana 8.4.4