CPU and Memory utization for a specific process


Is there any way, we can grep the cpu and memory usage for a specific process, i am using Grafana lateset version with telegraf and Influx DB, thanks for help in advance.


Hi ravi154.

I think you can use snmp for get cpu or mem by process. Data can post to InfluxDB or PostgreSQL.
Refer: http://www.debianadmin.com/linux-snmp-oids-for-cpumemory-and-disk-statistics.html or inbox me, i can advise specifically.


Hi @ravi154,

I think you can use the procstat plugin in Telegraf to do this.

The Procstat input plugin can be used to monitor system resource usage by an individual process using their /proc data.

Link: Procstat paragraph in Telegraph documentation
More detailed doc: Procstat Input Plugin