Control how alarm templates when sending notifications to discord


When sending alarms to Discord, grafana sends all sorts of piece of information which we really don’t need and I’m not sure how I can template these:

Value: [no value]
 - alertname = PROD KUBE RAM Usage %
 - grafana_folder = Alert Rules

Under this there’s the alarm status (firing/resolved) and then the panel screenshot.

Basically the only thing that I’m interested in besides the image screenshot is the alarm name and the affected instance (instance name, for example).
Any way I can filter these out?

I’m using Grafana 9.3.6

I was able to get to the alarm templates, but I’ve no idea how to associate an alarm with a template. There’s basically no talk in the documentation about that and if there is, it sure is hidden.

In the meantime I’ve come across this tutorial which explains stuff which, to my great surprise, don’t seem to be in the official documentation: Overview of Grafana Alerting and Message Templating for Slack | by Tanmay Bhat | FAUN Publication

It would be really nice if the documentation would fill in the gaps.

I’m still trying to figure out how this works and how the alarm is split in categories.