Control gpio on raspberry pi

I’m considering to migrate from node red to Grafana because it looks VERY cool…
BUT I really need to be able to control GPIO pins high and low with a toggle switch on Grafana to use it the way I want.
I cant find much info on the internet about it… is it even possible to do that ?

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Kim Jensen

Hi @kemster, welcome to Grafana! Would love to hear more about your use case.

What you’re describing unfortunately isn’t available out of the box, as Grafana’s focus is on reading/visualizing data, rather than writing/control. In that respect it’s really quite different from Node Red.

That said, it’s very extensible, and has some great plugins, so you could do something like the following:

  • Set up an HTTP endpoint on your Raspberry Pi that accepts POST requests, which in turn trigger the GPIO manipulation. I suppose you could use Node Red for this
  • Use the AJAX panel plugin to show a button (or whatever control you need) that when pressed triggers the required POST requests to the endpoint.

Maybe others have better ideas, but this is the first that comes to my mind. Either way, Grafana itself has no facility to “talk to” GPIO, if that’s what you were specifically looking for.

Okai dokie…
That was what I thougt.
thanks a lot for your time… it sounds like a lot of fiddleing to get this to work, I think I’ll stick with node red then…, and see if I can extract data to be readable for a chart.
Again, thanks a lot for your time :slight_smile:

Best regards
Kim Jensen

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