Contact Point Tab not visible in Alerting Settings


I am trying to create an alert for one of the dashboards. I am not able to send a notification as I am not able to create the contact point.
I am following this documentation : Add contact point | Grafana documentation
I am not able to get past the 2nd Step as the tab for Contact Point isn’t visible.

This is my view in the Alerting Settings.

Grafana Version: v9.0.8.1

Welcome @arnnavprasad

Does the Alerting side menu look like this?

Thanks @grant2

My alerting side menu actually is different, don’t have most of the options.

Also, my user role is Admin.

Can you update to the latest version of Grafana? In the .ini file, you should remove the semi colon before the word “enabled”

;enabled = true
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Hi @grant2, updating grafana with unified alerting fixed it.

I can see all the options in alerting settings: