Constant Arrival rate executor shows different result

export let options = {
    scenarios: {
         my_api_test_constant_arr_rate_vu: {
           executor: 'constant-arrival-rate',
//           startVus: 0,
           rate: 1,
           duration: '1s',
           timeUnit: '1s',
           preAllocatedVUs: 1,
           maxVUs: 5000,
           tags: { test_type: 'get' },
//           exec: 'getQuotes',
    discardResponseBodies: true,
    thresholds: {
              http_req_duration: ['p(95)<60000', 'p(99)<60000'],
              http_req_failed: ['rate<0.01'], // http errors should be less than 1%
              checks: ['rate>0.99'],

There is a map iterate of length 6 with 3 batch requests

Result shows:
Iterations -2 , Requests -36

How can it be 2 iterations ? How can I make only 1 iterations with 18 requests??

Hi @subhasis

Without seeing the complete k6 output or fully understanding the scenario/s you describe, I believe the documentation can help you:

If you can further describe what you are trying to achieve and share the k6 (sanitized) test code and ouptut/s, we can try to help. For example, you mention batch requests. However, with the information you provide, I’m not sure if batch can help.

I hope this helps :bowing_woman: