Connection influxDB Cloud to GrafanaCloud - No data points!

I have tried several solution in past days, but nothingh works.
Data sent to influxDB Cloud from node-red. No problem
I can see everithyng on InfluxDB CLoud. No Problem
It shows values of temperature and Luminosity from sensors
But when try to configure and see results in Grafana Cloud…

In Grafana:
I put my url:
I put Database (mlBucket. The Bucket name created in influxDB)
I put user (my mail addres)
I put password (Token conected to mlBucket in influxDB)
Save & Test - Says Says “Data source is working”

Then I try to create a Dashboard in Grafana with this Data source, and no data appears.
Also appears “influxDB error: database not found: mlBucket”

What I am doing Wrong ?
(I am stucked on this for almost 2 weeks…)

Any assistance will be very appreciated.

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