Connecting Database Difficulties (and an opinion based question at the end)

Hey guys! I’m new to Grafana, and have a bunch of netflow data that I want to get mapping ASAP! Strangely enough, I was able to connect my database earlier over localhost, and figured that would translate nicely to when I decided to make my account. So I did that, and now I’m having issues connecting my database again. Any thoughts on the subject?

Also, if anyone has a clue, my project is simply to visualize the netflow data of a particular University. Do you guys believe I should convert this to packets first, or should the netflow data suffice for good Grafana visualizations? I have start timestamp, end timestamp, source IP, destination IP, source port, destination port, IP header protocol number, TOS flags, TCP flags, number of bytes, number of packets, router ingress port, router egress port, source ASN, and destination ASN.