Configure viewers_can_edit property in helm chart

I have installed Grafana as helm chart in A Kubernetes cluster. I am trying to set up property viewers_can_edit as “true”. I am using Grafana 9.0.5. I tried to set up this property under “grafana.ini” section in “values.yaml” file and overriding env variables. But, when I try to install the pod, the init container “init-chown-data” within the pod stuck with state “waiting” with reason “PodInitializing”. If I disable this container from “values.yaml” of Helm chart, the subsequent containers grafana, grafana-sc-dashboards and grafana-sc-datasources stuck in “waiting” state with reason “ContainerCreating”. However, the property is properly setup in Grafana ConfigMap properly after deployment. No logs are available anywhere to diagnose it.

Could anyone please assist me with any suggestion?

Hey, Could you please share the helm chart version ?

Also, please share your values.yaml where viewers_can_edit is mentioned.

It should be inside users section, not inside servers btw, like :

    viewers_can_edit: "True"

My configurarion was correct. The only workaround was I have to manually kill the grafana ui pods after upgrading the helm chart. The new pod created successfully.