Configuration issue with IBM APM datasource plugin

Hi Team,

Need Support in integrating data source for IBM APM. I have installed the plugin but stuck in Rest API configuration for IBM APM. What URL to be given for IBM APM v8.1.4 as it’s menitong as per document,
Following mentioned steps but not successful.

Could you please support.

I have configured it now but not getting any default dashboard for APM. Do we need to create the required dashboard or any default dashboard is enabled for the same.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Rafal,

I have configured the datasource for IBM APM and able to configured successfully but I am not getting any data… it shows

While datasource connected successfully.

I am using APM v8.1.4 with Grafanav7.1.5

Could you suggest the same.

and on second point, I have configured the hub tems also

but there also 404 exception

Could you please see if anything is missing , Thank you

Hi Rafal,

It is fixed, working fine now. There was configuration mismatch which I corrected.
Do we have example dashboards for Windows Environment as well…

Thank you !!!