Condition based Alerting

Hello All,

I have created a Alert Rule in Grafana where i used Math expression to generate alert based on sql query. As in photo one after doing preview alert is generated, but after saving it it goes in pending state.

i checked all the way, but in classic condition alert is generated successfully but using other expression it goes in pending state

I have checked my log file as well -
logger=ngalert.state.manager rule_uid=f95e6393-ffa6-410b-9afc-c75f3c0add39 org_id=1 t=2023-12-14T18:21:42.5629794+05:30 level=info msg=“Detected stale state entry” cacheID=“[["CDAC_TVM","ALERTING"],["alert_rule_namespace_uid","bfecd297-fd52-4cc1-86b7-ff08f7859e56"],["alert_rule_uid","f95e6393-ffa6-410b-9afc-c75f3c0add39"],["alertname","ALERT_TVM"],["centre_city","Thiruvananthapuram"],["grafana_folder","Alert"],["time_sec","2023-12-14 18:09:26"]]” state=Pending reason=

please help me into it.

Urgent Requirement