Composite stat panel displaying 1 value as text and another as sliding bar

I’m building a monitor for my solar panels. I want to display in single panel a red panel for imported data and a green panel for exported data - where the width of the two panels varies as the import/export occurs. Overlaid on top of the red/green I want to put text showing the financial cost/gain from the import/export. I have a single SQL query which returns the ratio of the red to green and the cost/gain.

Hi @muddychris this forum is about plugin development and not plugin support so it is unlikely the developers of the stat panel will see your message. My advice is to go to the stat panel github project and open an issue over there.

Hi Esteban, thanks for your comment. My request is not for support since i do NOT expect the stat panel to support my requirement. Instead I am asking if anyone has done something similar OR has any suggestions for me. I am about to dive into the stat code to see if I can use it as a basis of my required control.

Is there some better for me to post my question?

Kind regards, chris