Components deployed in Simple Scalable deployment?


I have deployed a simple scalable loki stack using loki helm chart Grafana Community Kubernetes Helm Charts | helm-charts version 5.9.2.

In the documentation, I can see that 8 components are deployed in 3 stacks (in simple scalable deployment)


  • Query frontend
  • Querier


  • Distributor
  • Ingester


  • Compactor
  • Index Gateway
  • Query Scheduler
  • Ruler

I have several question about it:

  • Does all components are deployed by default or any are optional? (example: does query scheduler is deployed or is there anything to do to deploy it? Same for Index gateway.)

  • Is there a documentation page where all components usage are described?
    In the component documentation page (Loki components | Grafana Loki documentation) any components are described but not all (as an example index gateway and query scheduler are missing)