Combining SQL query and promql

I have two queries that I need to merge and fill in a single table.
First query comes from SQL and it contains asset_id and asset_name. For instance:

asset_id, asset_name
95448, exfo

Second query comes from Prometheus and it has multiple rows with asset_id, element_id and values as follows:

asset_id, element_id, value
95448, splice, 2.48
95448, connector, 5.48
95448, reflectance, 7.89

I would like to generate only one table that contains an asset_name into each Prometheus entry as follows:

asset_id, asset_name, element_id, value
95448, exfo, splice, 2.48
95448, exfo, connector, 5.48
95448, exfo, reflectance, 7.89

So, I dont know if a transformation function can help or any other technique to combine and complete one single table with this information