Combining metrics in one graph

Hi, I’m new here but trying to create a graph. I have various temperatures sensors and have them linked up to display the readings in a graph, the Y axis is temp and the X axis is time. I would now like to plot when the boiler is on or off on the same graph, what would be the best way of doing this.

At the moment the results from the boiler are a 1 or 0 but this is showing up on the graph as 1deg when the boiler is on and 0 deg when the boiler is off.

Any help will be appreciated.

This is what I’m getting at the moment.

The data is coming from home assistant to InfluxDB then to Grafana and at the moment just outputs a 1 when the boiler is on and a 0 when off. I would prefer to see a high level in the graph for the on and off.

Was looking at the Time regions and how they display a band down the screen, that would be good if it can be down but related to the boiler on and off period.

Any advice or pointers on this would be great.

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Move the boiler to it’s own y axis, then add style override to show it as bar, or increase the fill

Thank you, do you mean create a separate graph for the boiler?

Sorted, worked it out, thanks for the help.