Combine 2 prometheus queries into the X and Y axis each

I have 2 grafana queries, for cpu usage and container_memory_usage_bytes:

avg by (kubernetes_io_hostname)(container_cpu_usage_seconds_total{a=~"$a", b=~"$b"})
avg by (kubernetes_io_hostname)(container_memory_usage_bytes{a=~"$a", b=~"$b"})

These queries on their own get the CPU usage and Memory usage for each kubernetes hostname. I would like to transform the graph to have my X axis as the CPU usage, and Y axis as the Memory usage, for each kubernetes hostname.

End result will be that each point in the graph represents the CPU and memory usage of each kubernetes hostname

The x axis for graph and timeseries is expected to be time. But you can arrange string values on the x axis using a categorical bar chart, which might work for you here.