Clicking a point in time series panel sometimes causes time interval 'to' to change to be set at that point

Using Grafana 9.4.7 on OSX

Clicking a data point in a Time Series panel

mouse click left on a data point

The time interval refreshed such that the data point is now the end of the interval, and the point is over at the right side of the panel.

Time interval should not have changed at all just by clicking. It is almost as if Grafana thought I did a click and drag from the left side to the data point.

This only happens when there are multiple items in the time series and I click on one of their labels in the legend, such that just that item is shown. That seems to make grafana think I have started a mouse drag or something.

did not see any errors in console

i feel like this is new behavior with v 9.4, but has anyone else seen this or is there a setting to prevent it from happening?

Here is a link to a mp4 of reproducing the behavior on the grafana demo page: quicktime movie of bug behavior

Does anyone know if this behavior was introduced in most recent grafana 9 release? I don’t recall clicking in time series panels behaving this way previoiusly…