Inspect does not permit picking one specific time series

Grafana v 10.0.0

When you try to download data to a CSV using the three dots > Inspect > Data, you expand Data Options by clicking on the downward-pointing arrow.So far so good.
If your time series panel contains more than one time series you should be able to pick the one you want by clicking the downward-pointing arrow just below Show data frame, but you cannot. When you do, the window disappears.

This was observed on Windows 10 with Edge, Chrome and Firefox browsers.

If you love keyboard shortcuts, I’ve found it is possible to use TAB until the time series drop-down is highlighted, then SPACE, then arrow keys to navigate to desired time series, then ENTER.
But many users would not know to do that.

So I think it’s a bug but I’m new-ish to this environment and maybe I’ve overlooked something.

This can be reproduced in using their Simple graph visualization which contains two time series. Same thing happens there.

same issue here, when clicking with mouse the window disappears… in my situation I can’t select value for filter with arrows(((