Click on the "home dashboard" leads to the login page (anonymous users)

I’m using Grafana OSS 9.4.1.
We have a list of dashboards that are accessible to Anonymus users.
We have created a dashboard to be a “Table of Content” Containing links to the other dashboard (using the “Dashboard list” panel)
When users enter Grafana, they have quick access to the dashboard.
If an authenticated user clicks on the icon, the home dashboard opens as expected.
The problem is that if an Anonymus clicks on the grafana icon to return to the home panel, the login page opens and asks to enter credentials.

When authenticated user hovers over the logo, the URL that it shows in the browser is the : (e.g. When Anonymus hover the logo, the URL is :/login (e.g.

I would like that the Anonymus users would be allowed to click the logo to open the default dashboard.
P.S. - The dashboard is allowed for the Anonymus users - only the home button does not open the dashboard.

hi @assafshlomi

this is a known issue and luckily there is a PR that will fix this :tada:

You can subscribe to the issue above to find out when the fix has been deployed

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