CI/CD deploy test to cloud without running

Hi we have setup a recurring load test to run nightly via - Performance testing for developers, like unit-testing, for performance. I would like to better integrate deploying updates to existing tests into our CI/CD pipeline but I don’t want to run the test to deploy the newest definition. Is there a way to deploy a new test definition without running the test? So far it looks like I have two options 1) manually paste the updated test script in k6 cloud script editor or 2) use github actions to run nightly tests on a cron schedule. I would prefer to be able to just deploy the test via github actions or k6 cloud command and use the k6 cloud app to manage scheduling tests. Is there a way I can do this?

Sorry for the super-late reply! :disappointed: I don’t think this is currently possible, please upvote and share your use case in this issue (or open a new one), so we can prioritize it more highly going forward: How to update the script from CLI without running the test in cloud · Issue #22 · grafana/k6-cloud-feature-requests · GitHub