How to upload a test (script.js) to cloud without running it?

Hello, I have a script.js that includes loading .proto files:

const users = new grpc.Client();
users.load(['protobuf'], 'users/users.proto')

How can I upload the script to cloud (perhaps with usual k6 cloud script.js), but not to run it? It is needed in case if .proto files were updated and I want to update them in the cloud, but not to execute load scenarios and so on?

UPD: --paused flag did not work for me, the script was still executed in the cloud

Hey @mod_noise

I’m not entirely sure I understand your end goal there, but I will assume that probably the k6 archive command might take you one step further?

The command should let you package a bunch of scripts and resources in a single tar archive file. Both the k6 run and k6 cloud commands support passing an archive as input. Then, when you need to call something from that script that uploads your proto files, make sure to have that symbol imported, and call it?

Hope that’s helpful, let me know if I can be of further assistance :bowing_man: