Chrome keep crashing with "Status_Breakpoint" on dashboard

I have a dashboard with 18 charts on it – each 1000 data points and 5-10 lines in it. Chrome and Edge keep crashing on this dashboard from now and then with a STATUS_Breakpoint. Reloading with F5 and with Shift+F5 bring the page up, but most of the time it crashes again after a few seconds. After 5-6 Reloads – the page stay up and work again for a few hours.

I have no Plugins installed in the Browser. I have a 16 GB Ram PC with at least 8 GB of unused RAM.

Any ideas how to solve this? No one else has this problem?

I isolated a reproduction case with only a single Widget on screen. Crashing Chrome, Edge and Firefox on 3 different Windows 10 PCs here.

It’s the “Stat” widget.
Unit set to kWh and nothing else changed.

Using this query:
SELECT integral("value") / 3600000 FROM "venus_default"."battery/Dc/0/Power" WHERE ("value" > 0) AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time(9999d) fill(null)

Using all settings and query identically withe the Gauge widget does not crash any of the browsers. How to report this as a bug for the Stat widget?

By crashing did you mean error “Error code: STATUS_BREAKPOINT” that causes the tab not the display, but the browser itself does not crash.

If yes same issue today on Chrome and Edge on Windows, and Chrome on MacOS.
Safari on MacOS does not “crash” but does not show any data neither and you’t take any action on the web page, it is all frozen.

A few minutes later (by the time I wrote this) this is all working again… Go figure.

Yes, the Tab goes to this error message, because the associated process crashed in the background (each Tab has a own process).

Have you tried changing the Stat widget to Gauge, then this should not happen again?