Choice of grafana plugin


I need to store details like username and password in my dashboard and not sure which panel plugin to use.
Please let me know which plugin will suit for this.

What is your purpose for storing usernames and passwords? How will they be
used within the dashboard?



Thanks for taking your time reply!
User will enter some information in the custom fields like username and password and these data will be read in the backend. So which plugin would take the input from user? I am looking for something that should take input from user… user has to enter values for the fields manually


@marcusolsson @daniellee Could you please suggest any plugins for this?

I would strongly recommend not entering secrets, such as passwords, in any panel. Panels store all configuration in the dashboard definition, unencrypted. Anyone that has Viewer permissions to the dashboard will be able to see the secrets in cleartext.

A panel plugin that makes authenticated requests directly, without going through a data source, would be violating the security guidelines for plugins.

To pass user-defined values in a query, you can Add a text box variable to your dashboard.


Thanks @marcusolsson for quick response!

Can you provide more details about “passing user-defined values in a query” like some examples on this topic. I am new to grafana so your help will be much appreciated. I already have a json datasource for populating other panels. I want to pass these used-defined values to that datasource.