Changes made via the API disable the ability to edit in UI

When I updated my notification policy (PUT /api/v1/provisioning/policies) and added new mute time (POST /api/v1/provisioning/mute-timings) I noticed, that I couldnt make any changes (delete or edit) in the UI.
How can I fix it?

Even i am facing the same issue, @ylpetrova any update on this

Hello! This is not possible at present as the Provisioning API is designed for automated provisioning of resources in Grafana. For example file provisioning or Terraform.

Grafana makes these resources read-only in the user interface to prevent a situation where changes you made in the user interface get overwritten the next time Grafana starts (if using file provisioning) or a Terraform plan is applied (if using Terraform).

We understand though that some users want to use the Provisioning API without using file provisioning or Terraform, and so we are adding support for the X-Disable-Provenance header when provisioning notification policies.