API alertprovisioning

Is there a way to disable provenance for the notification policy tree? After writing this with the API, it cannot be changed manually and I can’t find a way to delete it or open it for manual modification. How to revert to the original policy tree?

Grafana 9.3.2

Hello! Yes there is with the X-Disable-Provenance HTTP header. You don’t need to set a value, just that the header is present.

Have tried headers[“X-Disable-Provenance”] = “” and headers[“X-Disable-Provenance”] = “true” with PUT to /v1/provisioning/policies. No error, but no change. I am still not allowed to modify policies.

I have also tried a POST, but then I received an unauthorized error.

Sorry, I’ve made a mistake, X-Disable-Provenance does not work for notification policies. I’m going to discuss this with the team and see if there is any reason why we can’t add support for it.

OK. Thank you. Hope this will be solved. In my opinion disable_provenance should be true by default.