Change the image registry for Initializer

I try to install k6 in gke and it will pull images for: Package k6-operator · GitHub, but fail to pull.
1, I check grafana/k6-operator in artifacthub
and find manager.image.registry can be changed successfully
2, but for initializer, in code, seems hardcoded.

so my question is how to change the registry for initializer just like I do for manager:
helm install k6-operator grafana/k6-operator --set manager.image.registry=“

thanks a lot.

Hello @majorinche,
Welcome to the forum :wave:

fail to pull

These images should be accessible. What is the error for this failure?

In case this failure is expected in your setup, you can configure your own image indeed. But manager.image.registry is for the operator’s image while runner image (and subsequently initializer image) is configured via spec.runner.image in TestRun definition.

Hope that helps!