Runner cannot auth to private docker registry

I’m running the Operator model and ran into this limitation with using a PVC and switched gears to making my own image with my custom modules already provided.

My issue is that I cannot get the Runner (and most likely Starter) pods to authenticate to my private registry. In K8 i would normally use the following but it fails since the field isn’t defined in the CRD.

        - secretName

How do I use private a Private Registry for my Runners/Starters (and initializer)?

I believe this issue is a feature request and thanks for pointing it out!

@olha - im who opened that request :slight_smile:

since i cannot use a custom image in the operator model, do you know of a successful pattern for running K6 without the operator in Kubernetes?

@nema.darban that would be re-inventing the wheel :sweat_smile: IMHO, it’s much quicker to add support for imagePullSecrets to k6-operator. Have you tried doing that? It sounded as if you might have… If so, please feel free to open a PR.

I’ve been trying to get imagepullsecrets working so i can open a pull request but I’m missing something.

I’ll open one anyways and see if a contributor can point me in the right direction.

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