Change Panel Title from dashboard.json or module.ts

Hi all, I was trying to approach the same thing as this post for my plugin: to change the default Panel Title to a constant value every time the plugin is added to a panel.

The old post suggests to look at grafana-runtime/src/config.ts, but I’m not sure how can I change it from there.

I checked module.ts but the panel option for changing panel title is not in it, is there a hidden default title that I can overwrite from module.ts?

There’s a provisioning/dashboards/dashboard.json which have panel title inside: I tried to change the panel title from here and rebuilt the plugin but the title stays the same.

How could I possibly change the title?

I’m running grafana server from docker container.

Thank you very much for help.

Hi. Assuming you mean, from a plugin, you can’t. Plugins can’t determine the default title of a panel.

The dashboard.json is just example data a plugin can include but it doesn’t determine future panels creation.

Regarding modifying the runtime files, that’d be modifying the grafana core to change the default panel title and of course that will only work if you run your grafana instance from your own modified source code.