Chained Variables with MongoDB

Grafana Cloud (latest)
MongoDB plugin v.1.9.0 (latest)

Hi all,
I’m trying to replicate the functionality shown in the Grafana documentation here: Chained Variables

In the Graphite Templated Nested example, they have a dashboard set up so that using chained variables, they have 4 visualizations on the bottom row, of which it seems the latter 3 are automatically generated. This assumption comes from the fact that I am unable to edit them. When the server variable is set to ‘All’, all 4 visualizations appear, with their title dynamically set to $server.

In my case, I similarly have 3 query variables, of which the 2nd is chained to the 1st. I have tried my best to replicate the configuration that is shown in the example, but when I select ‘All’ for the chained variable, I get an error that says ‘Unable to find [name of my x axis field]’. What I’d like to happen is, just as it does in the example dashboard, if I select ‘All’, n different visualizations will appear, all with the correct dynamically set title (where n is the number of values the query for that variable returns).

I can provide the MongoDB queries if need be, but I’m unsure if the problem is on my end or on the MongoDB plugin end.

Thank you for your time!