Can't understand logcli filtering


This query returns the single row that I expect:

logcli -q query '{container="cms-api",namespace="building-blocks"} |= "4b7f5f1dcacb9005"' -o jsonl | grep getAll

but this does not:

logcli -q query '{namespace="building-blocks"} |= "4b7f5f1dcacb9005"' -o jsonl | grep getAll

The only difference is removing the filter on the container label.

Am I missing something?

$ logcli --version
logcli, version 2.2.1 (branch: HEAD, revision: babea82e)
  build user:       root@e2d295b84e26
  build date:       2021-04-06T00:52:41Z
  go version:       go1.15.3
  platform:         linux/amd64



Ah, I’ve just worked it out.
It needs --limit to be set (after “query”).
This works:

logcli -q query --limit 100 '{namespace="building-blocks"} |= "4b7f5f1dcacb9005"' -o jsonl | grep getAll

and this also works:

logcli -q query '{namespace="building-blocks"} |= "4b7f5f1dcacb9005" |= "getAll"' -o jsonl

Hi @yaytay
Glad you worked it out!

So I assume, the problem was without --limit, that particular row you were interested in was not visible.

Can you mark this as resolved? Thanks!

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