Can't see legacy alerts after upgrade from 6.6.0 to 9.2.3 and opting into Unified alerting

We are attempting to upgrade from 6.6.0 to 9.2.3. When I opt in to Unified alerting, I can’t see the legacy alerts anywhere including the dashboard. If I opt out and enable Legacy, I can see the alert in the dashboard but I can’t see them from the Admin Alerting rules page. In 6.6.0, I see them in /metrics-admin/alerting/list after authenticating as admin.

Also, I see these db errors when Legacy alerts are enabled after upgrade to 9.2.3
msg=“Database locked, sleeping then retrying” error=“database is locked”
msg=“Could not load alerts” error=“database is locked”
msg=“failed to save dashboard” file=/dashboards2/crl-alerts.json error=“database is locked”

Lastly, we use grafana in a kubernetes environment.

One more piece of info, the dashboards are provisioned.