Cant remove user from Org (but CAN add them to org) - says Unlicensed?

im on v9.02 of grafana -

Im trying to restrict a user to just a single dashboard (or even just a single folder).

So ive created a new organization, created new user, added the user to the new org.

However i now need to remove that user from the “Main Org.” (which he was force added to when i created the new user).

but when i click remove from org i get: “Unlicensed”

(is this bc i need a paid license? if so why can we add users to multi orgs but not remove them?)

I actually never wanted to be on grafana enterprise, but during a routine grafana - update at one point i accidentally must have downloaded the wrong version.

Is this a bug or correct feature? (and how can i restrict someone to just a single dashboard or folder? my grafana is internal only, no internet access to it).

actually, i think this maybe a bug in v9.02 - I say this as im able to remove the user from an org via a different page / way.

If i go to server Admin → Orgs (tab) → click the “Stephen ORG” then from there i can X out / remove the user (without a unlicensed error message).

So if someone else can confirm this , i will then file it as a bug report (ie giving me the un-licensed message)

I can confirm this bug running v9.0.3. I do get the “unlicensed” error and am able to remove the user by using the method you described.