Can't persist plugins with Loki stack installed via Helm

Hello, I am new to Grafana and Loki. I have just installed the Loki stack on my K8s cluster with Helm 3 using the instructions found here.

I did the first two steps: “Prerequisites” and “Deploy Lokito your cluster”

helm upgrade --install loki loki/loki-stack -n loki-stack --set grafana.enabled=true,prometheus.enabled=true,prometheus.alertmanager.persistentVolume.enabled=false,prometheus.server.persistentVolume.enabled=false,loki.persistence.enabled=true,loki.persistence.storageClassName=standard,loki.persistence.size=25Gi

I didn’t do the " Deploy Grafana to your cluster" part, though, because I had just set grafana=enabled in the helm command. I set up my ingress, letsencrypt and I accessed the Grafana UI, created a few dashboards, etc.

Everything is working fine. Now I want to install the Kubernetes plugin. So I run :

kubectl exec -it -n loki-stack loki-grafana-767cf5c9bc-sbmq2 grafana-cli plugins install grafana-kubernetes-app

which tells me everything is set up correctly and tells me to restart. /var/lib/grafana/plugins contains the new plugin. So I run

kubectl -n loki-stack delete pod loki-grafana-856c649964-sbmq2 --grace-period=0 --force

and I log back in the interface, but the plugin is not installed. Checking the newly created pod, /var/lib/grafana/plugins is empty… It looks like persisting is not working.

Edit: I also tried to run

k scale deployment -n loki-stack --replicas=0 loki-grafana
k scale deployment -n loki-stack --replicas=1 loki-grafana

Same result.

Any idea why? And how I can solve this?