Can't find the path of the test report

Hi Team,

I’m running a test on docker, but the html report i generated missing on the docker volume I mounted.

I refer the below thread and run the test based on the details shared on the thread.

docker run -it --user “$(id -u $USER)” -e “TEST_PROFILE=${TEST_PROFILE}” -v ${CODEBUILD_SRC_DIR}/src:/src --workdir “/src” -i loadimpact/k6 run --out influxdb=http://influxdb:8086/grafana /src/tests/app1/index.js

Test runs perfectly, and it shows the generating summary report but still i can’t find the report.

Hi @Gerard!

I checked using a minimal example:

import { sleep } from "k6";
import http from 'k6/http';

import { htmlReport } from "";

export default function () {

export function handleSummary(data) {
  return {
      './summary.json': JSON.stringify(data),
      "./summary.html": htmlReport(data),

And it seems to work :thinking:

After executing a command on my local machine:

docker run -it --user "$(id -u $USER)" -v $(pwd):/src --workdir "/src" -i grafana/k6 run /src/script.js

There are two reports generated:

├── script.js
├── summary.html
└── summary.json

So, I suggest trying to experiment with this to understand where the issue can be.


Thanks @olegbespalov,

Yes from my end --workdir not set to /src folder, therefore the report not generated inside the /src/ folder. I found out the default workdir for k6 docker set to /home/k6/ and all the reports were generated there.