Cant delete provisioned dashboard?


I hope this hasn’t been convered elsewhere but I can’t seem to delete a provisioned dashboard. Grafana is currently hosted in Kubernetes.

Steps I did to create the problem:

  1. Provision a folder
  2. Duplicate an existing dashboard located in that folder (save as)
  3. Edited that dashboard and saved those changes to the “original” dashboard (while keeping UIDs to their respective dashboard).
  4. Physically deleted the temp dashboard json file.
  5. Pushed changes and restarted the pod
  6. Now I can’t delete the temporary dashboard.

I’ve done the following:

  • Attempted to use the internal API to delete,
  • Tried the allowUiUpdates and delete it through the UI
  • Deleted the pod that contained the dashboard.

All of this has been met with “cannot delete a provisioned dashboard”.

Do I need to unprovision the folder, push the changes, delete the pod, delete the dashboard, provision and push new changes and delete the pod against, simply to delete a single temporary dashboard?

There has to be a better and easier way.

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I am also facing the same problem.