Cannot querry logs even for two days at injestion rate ~300MB/hour


We are injesting 200-400MB/hour so it gives us 300GB of logs per month and at that rate I cannot query even two days receiving “context deadline exceeded” (single label queried).

Is it normal? I mean assuming 30 days logs retention how am I supposed to search through that?

Hi Anton,
At a rate of ~300MB per hour, if you were querying for 2 days (24 hours) of logs, the return would be about 7.2GB if you were querying ALL logs in that time frame. It could be a bug or some memory limits set in your Grafana Cloud account when trying to return that amount of logs, but we’d need to check your particular instance. I see you’ve already opened a Support ticket and that our team is working to help you there and troubleshoot so will let that be :slight_smile:

Once resolved, it would be cool if you shared here what the issue was and how it was resolved here in the Community if you get the chance.